Empowering reproductive choices: ‘Urunigi app’ to redefine planning family

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As part of an initiative aimed at empowering individuals in their reproductive health journey, Dr Anicet Nzabonimpa, specialist in sexual and reproductive health, launched the “Urunigi app”. This mobile application aims to offer a diverse range of contraceptive methods and an easy-to-use system for tracking menstrual cycles, aiming to redefine family planning for users around the world.

Recent statistics from the 2019-2020 DHS report a startling reality: Between 2005 and 2020, total contraceptive use among married women in Rwanda aged 15 to 49 increased from 17% to 64% while modern contraceptive increased from 10% to 58%. Therefore, merely 6% of married women utilize traditional methods like the calendar rhythm method for family planning.

Image from RDHS 2020 key results

Dr. Anicet emphasized the necessity of providing a multitude of contraception options to ensure accessibility and safety in choices.

“Our primary goal is to offer a broad spectrum of contraceptive choices, enabling everyone to rely on a method they feel secure with,” Dr. Anicet stated in an interview. He highlighted a crucial reason behind developing the ‘Urunigi App’: many women utilizing the traditional calendar rhythm method, locally known as ‘urunugi,’ complained about partners tampering with the cycle bead, leading to miscounting and confusion.

Anicet Nzabonimpa an Expert in sexual and reproductive health

“Instances where spouses manipulate the ring on the cycle bead, aiming for sexual intercourse, lead to a disruption in tracking,” Dr. Anicet elaborated, emphasizing the importance of a reliable and independent tracking system.

Committed to promoting safe and inclusive family planning practices and raising sexual and reproductive health rights awareness, URUNIGI App aims to provide a comprehensive platform for informed choices.

Mukamana, whose name has been changed, a married woman who faced difficulties with other cycle tracking apps, shared her struggles. She cited issues such as not being informed of her current menstrual cycle window and language barriers.

Dr. Anicet and his team envision a future where everyone can make informed choices and access accurate information about their reproductive health effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and commitment to comprehensive information delivery, the ‘Urunigi App’ emerges as a promising tool, putting the control of family planning and reproductive health directly into the hands of its users.

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