Embracing Truth and Protection: World Condom Day in Rwanda

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On the 13th of February, as the world celebrated World Condom Day, Dr. Basile Ikuzo, the Director of the HIV prevention unit at the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), emphasized the importance of embracing truth and dispelling shame surrounding the use of condoms. He highlighted the critical role of condoms in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

“This is the time to start telling the truth and open our eyes,” Dr. Ikuzo stated firmly. “If one feels ashamed of buying condoms when needed, that same person will not hesitate to seek medication or treatment if infected. It is better to use condoms and protect yourself while you still have that possibility.”

Dr. Ikuzo emphasized that despite advances in treatment, HIV/AIDS remains a pressing issue, with no vaccine or cure yet available. He urged people to use condoms or any other method available to protect themselves from infection.

Two young ladies from Musanze District, Umuhire Valentine and Uwikunda Jeannette, shared their perspectives on the importance of condom use, especially among young people. Umuhire, echoing Uwimana’s sentiments, stressed the need for condom use while also advocating for abstinence among unmarried individuals. “The problem young people face nowadays,” she lamented, “lies in the easy accessibility of adult videos, which can influence them towards what we consider bad behaviors.”

Umuhire believes that despite the abundance of information, many young people do not realize the implications of their actions, particularly regarding premarital sex. “It is a sin to have sexual intercourse before marriage,” she asserted, highlighting the need for comprehensive sex education.

Uwikunda shared a similar sentiment, emphasizing that condoms are a practical solution to prevent early pregnancies among young people. “I am certain that some of my peers who became pregnant at a young age would have had different outcomes if they had knowledge on how to access to condoms,” she remarked.

Both young women emphasized the importance of education and access to contraceptives in preventing unwanted pregnancies and STIs. They called for increased awareness and destigmatization of condom use, particularly among the youth.

As World Condom Day came to a close, the messages of Dr. Basile Ikuzo, Umuhire Valentine, and Uwikunda Jeannette resonated, reminding everyone of the critical role condoms play in promoting sexual health and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and STIs. It was a day of reflection and advocacy, encouraging individuals to embrace truth, protect themselves, and promote responsible sexual behavior.

Mukantwari Magnifique

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